10 best tips on how Filipinos can get writing jobs online

Writing is the best way to express your thoughts and ideologies loud before the world. People in Philippines love to write, but most of us don’t know that writing is a marketable skill. Your write-ups speak volumes about your talent. If you have a flair for ‘penship’ and wish to make a career out of it, you may find yourself clueless when it comes to finding the perfect job when you first look for online jobs.

Regardless of whether you want to turn it into a full-fledged career or wish to invest in part-time, freelancing career, writing requires lots of efforts, dedication and persistence.

Below is the list of the 10 best tips on how Filipinos can get writing jobs online.

  1. Get a Degree in Relevant Subject

Many firms don’t seek a high degree, rather they hire a school pass-out with creativity and ideas. However, a formal degree strengthens your resume and certifies your talents. If you don’t wish to pursue your masters in journalism, English major, or marketing, you can apply for a short-term degree program on technical writing.

Make sure that the institution you choose has a valid license and solid reputation in the market.

  1. Work on your Grammar

It doesn’t matter what kind of job you’re looking for, you must have impeccable grammar skills and good command on vocabulary. If you have ideas and concepts, but you don’t know how to form coherent sentences, you must take grammar classes online to sharpen your skills. You can use Grammarly to check the resume that you will submit to your potential clients.

  1. Sharpen your Editing skills

There’s a great demand for writers in Philippines. Most companies, publishing housesand even marketing agencies offer online jobs for Filipinos because they know how good Filipinos are in terms of writing, marketing, brand promotion, etc. If they hire you as a writer, they’ll expect you to edit their docs at some point of time.

Therefore, you need to work on a specific set of skills, such as proofreading, copy editing, line editing and developmental editing to outshine others.

  1. Be Versatile

Writing is a comprehensive field. Employers may demand different and unique content from you. They might require you to frame news articles, reports, essays, newsletters, subscriptions, adverts, press releases, technical guides, blog posts, contracts, creative stories, product descriptions and reviews. They also expect you to be familiar with different citations and writing styles like Chicago, AP, MLA, etc. All this comes with practice.

You need to challenge yourself with different topics to test your skills.

  1. Build up an Impressive Portfolio

A comprehensive portfolio increases the chance of scoring better online jobs for Filipinos. There’s cut-throat competition in the market. Everyone seems to want to pursue writing as their career because they find it easy. In this case, it would help if you have relevant links to your works. It’ll give the employers an idea regarding your skills.

If you’re a newbie, you can start with launching a blog. Target a particular audience and write posts for them. You can also flick through freelance websites to search for relevant job opportunities. The idea is that you should have a list of samples ready, should the employer ask for it.

  1. Take Tests

Employers usually go for writers that score well in certified tests sponsored by reputed publishing house or editors. You can find a test online at authentic writing websites.

  1. Write a Flawless Resume/Cover Letter

If you want potential employers to hire you, you ought to have a well-written resume or a cover letter that will list out reasons for your employers to hire you. Write a precise description of your skills, talents, academic careers and work experience. Tell them about your goals and give them a valid reason as to why they should hire you.

Before you submit, make sure that your resume is nicely formatted and free from spelling or grammatical error.

  1. Expand your Network

You’ll have a better time finding a writing job in Philippines if you bond with other professionals in your field. You can connect with them on professional sites like LinkedIn or Google+. Follow experience editors on Twitter and seek their tips. You can also join Facebook groups and pages to build your connections.

Seek help from your bosses, teachers and guides. They might refer you to others.

  1. Learn to Negotiate

Everyone wants to save money and your employers are no different. They would quote a lower rate while offering project. Since you know your skills, remember to demand a valid package for your services.

  1. Be Confident

Knowing that you have prepared well for this job and thus, you don’t need to feel low about yourself. Be confident and you’ll surely get the best job in the market.

Use these 10 best tips on how Filipinos can get writing jobs online and be ready to start earning real money!

Tips for Filipino writers looking for online jobs

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