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Freelancing has become a viable career option for many Filipinos, especially Filipino writers. Be it creative writers, content writers, ghostwriters, academic writers and others.

Filipino freelancers possess excellent English and communication skills, and are technologically savvy. Filipinos do not only teach and help many on how to be adept in writing but are also providing thought leadership on how to write well articles, blogs, e-books, brochures, sales letters, company newsletters, technical documentation, annual reports, website content, and other articles. The diversity of expertise that many qualified Filipinos bring to the table is unheralded and this can add a lot of value to a business agency. If you are seeking to hire a Filipino freelance writer, don’t give a second thought and hire him / her at the earliest.

There are several reasons why you should hire a Filipino writer and what he/she can bring to your business.

Here are the best reasons why you should hire Filipino freelancers online.

  • Filipinos are highly educated and a large part of their education is spent in learning English. In many schools, the medium of instruction is also English. You will be surprised that the Philippines is the 5th largest English speaking nation with more than 52 million English speakers. Hence, you can always find a qualified freelance writer from the Philippines who will prove to be a very competitive hire for your organization.

  • The Philippines is predominantly Christians with 80% of the population being Catholics. This provides cultural and religious similarities with the western world. With excellent English skills, it is not difficult for the Filipino freelance writers to get well with agencies from the USA and the United Kingdom.

  • Filipino writers offer highly competitive rates of remuneration. While beginners charge you $5 or less, good quality writers offer you writing services from $11 to $15 for a 500-word article. This is an indication of the worth of Filipino writers in the international market.

  • Being an archipelago of 7000 islands, Philippines has invested in providing excellent internet and mobile connectivity, especially Wi-Fi and mobile internet. Hence, Filipino writers are tech savvy. They possess excellent research capabilities to provide high quality output to clients worldwide. For the record, Filipinos are aggressive mobile users and in 2008, they sent more than 1.5 billion SMSs every day. Thus, using technology tools comes naturally to these individuals.

  • Working with Filipinos is a joy not only because they are skilled and dedicated, but also because they are loyal and honest to their work.

Majority of work done by Filipinos have been for US-based clients, and this is even evident in the export of BPO services from Philippines. Around 77% of all BPO exports from Philippines are to the USA, with the rest being catered to Asia Pacific. Cultural and language similarities have helped Filipinos form an integral part of the writing team of any American agency.

Filipinos are competing globally with writers from the relatively cheaper nations who have qualified English speaking populace. However, Filipinos have an edge because of various factors that we have outlined below.

  1. Filipinos have excellent English skills with a very strong command over grammar and sentence structuring.

  2. Filipinos possess strong time management skills as they are required to juggle many writing projects simultaneously.

  3. Their outputs are crisp, clear and concise, as brevity is the name of the game.

  4. They possess strong capabilities to research sites on a specific concept and form their independent opinions.

  5. They have acquired a large vocabulary of words and are adept in the use of appropriate idioms and phrases to make the topic interesting to read.

  6. Their sense of humor is excellent.

  7. They know British English, American English and Australian English.

  8. They produce 100% original work, free from grammatical and structural errors.

The above skills are only an indication of what Filipinos possess and are not considered to be sacrosanct. The above-mentioned factors and skills have made freelance writing a respected and high-paying profession in the Philippines today. So, there is no reason why you should not hire a Filipino writer. Post a job now and start hiring Filipino freelancers!

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